The origins of our company are rooted in the 2008 acquisition and renovation of 1501 Preble Avenue—a 178,000 square foot, six-story, Industrial-era building located in Pittsburgh’s historic Chateau neighborhood on the North Side. During the renovation of this former mattress factory into an active business center, one of our founders, Dave Colaizzi, served as the general contractor and built a team to work on the project. This included engaging with several skilled tradesmen with experience in renovation.

The team wanted to address challenges they had seen in the renovation space, including gaps in communication that often led to clients not getting the project results they had hoped for. Leveraging these experiences, they decided it was time to change this business model and create a company based on quality, trust, and reliable communication.

The formative years were spent determining the set of services that would be most effective to integrate into projects. This led to several iterations of the company until Bridge City was formed in 2018.

As our team grew, so expanded Bridge City’s capabilities. The addition of an architect, as well as craftsmen skilled in framework and installations led to a more comprehensive service offering and increased opportunities for larger commercial and residential projects. Thus, Bridge City’s identity as a design-build company began to take shape.

In 2022, Bridge City acquired Team Laminates Company, a fellow Pittsburgh-based business with 50 years of experience in custom cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures. This introduced the manufacturing component into our design-build model.

Today, Bridge City delivers design-build solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial projects, and also provides individual services in design, construction, and
manufacturing. As our company continues to evolve, we uphold our original business model, utilizing our team’s diverse capabilities to ensure quality work and achieve each client’s vision.

“The story of our evolution of services is a good
one that shows why we, as a small company,
can do what we do.”

-Dave Colaizzi, Co-founder



Collaboration is the essence of everything we do. We believe in combining perspectives among our cross-disciplinary team of industry professionals to give shape to our clients’ vision.


Our comprehensive planning process minimizes project risks, unforeseen expenses, and project delays. We use proven technology to capture and coordinate all project information for efficiency and to produce high quality work.


We are quick to understand project needs and define a customized optimal solution
to realize function, quality, and performance while meeting the needs of the end user.


We execute each project’s vision with accuracy, value, and control. As a single source solution, our resources and capabilities save time and money and improve efficiency.


We infuse decades of experience into every project and provide solutions that are well thought out based on our knowledge. Our unique abilities allow us to take on more detailed and intricate projects.

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